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After decades of listening to restaurateurs gripe about the often prohibitively high cost of a liquor license, New Jersey lawmakers are poised to debate a bill that could dramatically lower their price and increase the quantity available. Since 1947, the state has restricted the number of licenses a municipality can issue,

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The Assembly Regulatory Oversight and Reform and Federal Relations Committee could vote in the coming weeks on a proposed measure to create new liquor licenses for restaurants.

To better understand the issue, the panel has reached out to several experts for testimony, including Rutgers University finance professor Morris Davis, who is

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Sills Cummis & Gross was pleased to have represented the redeveloper in all aspects of this project, including the novel public incentives mentioned in the article.

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Reprinted from NJ Municipalities Magazine March 2017 issue, courtesy of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities

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“The journey from cities to car-oriented suburbs was once a given, a rite of passage that marked the transition for some Americans, especially affluent ones, from youth to adulthood. But no longer. Americans increasingly prefer to live in walkable communities in either cities or suburban towns, with jobs, retail, parks and other amenities


“A bill that would allocate up to $600 million in tax credits to encourage developers to build affordable housing has been pre-filed for the new legislative session. According to the proposal, (S894) the 30 percent tax credit on total project costs would be restricted to development in neighborhoods where the median family income does

Ted Zangari shares insights at Bisnow’s conference “Revitalizing New Jersey – Transforming Existing Assets Into Future Communities”

BISNOW  |  Amanda Marsh, Deputy Editor

As Chris Christie prepped to take the national spotlight at last week’s Republican presidential debate, NJ Economic Development Authority president Timothy Lizura sang his praises while keynoting Bisnow’s Revitalizing New Jersey event

If you own a vacant or under-tenanted office or industrial building or vacant land zoned for office, industrial or large lot residential use, the New Jersey Supreme Court’s March 10, 2015 decision in In the Matter of the Adoption of N.J.A.C. 5:96 and 5:97 by the New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing, 221 N.J. 1 (2015) provides you with an excellent opportunity to obtain high density residential or mixed use zoning for your property.

However, you must act now.Continue Reading Municipal Declaratory Judgement Actions Present an Excellent Opportunity for Re-Zoning But Fast Action Is Required