New Jersey Future is hosting its annual Redevelopment Forum at the Hyatt in New Brunswick on Friday, March 1. Learn from New Jersey’s experts in the field about the best practices and trends in redevelopment. Click here for details.

Ted Zangari of Sills Cummis & Gross will be among the participants on a panel that will discuss “Using Value-Capture Tools to Spur Redevelopment.”

Value-capture mechanisms are a type of public financing whereby increases in the private land values generated by public investments are “captured” to repay the cost of the public investment. The most commonly cited example is tax increment financing (TIF). New Jersey has put in place its own value-capture tools, including the Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant program and Redevelopment Area Bonds, that have been used to advance redevelopment projects throughout the state. During this panel session, the audience will learn more about value-capture mechanisms and how other states have used them creatively to foster redevelopment and investments in transit. Attendees will also learn more about the New Jersey programs, including where they work well and where they face challenges. Here is complete list panelists:

  • Stephen A. Santola Esq., Executive Vice President/General Counsel, Woodmont Properties (Moderator)
  • Nat Bottigheimer, President, NB Consult; former Assistant General Manager, Planning, Real Estate and Parking, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
  • Timothy J. Lizura, President and Chief Operating officer, New Jersey Economic Development Authority
  • Ted Zangari Esq., Member, Sills Cummis & Gross PC and Chair of the firm’s Redevelopment Law Practice Group