Blue Ribbon Panel to Spur Economic Development

TRENTON, N.J. Governor Jon S. Corzine today announced the formation of a blue ribbon advisory panel known as the New Jersey Real Estate Advisory Board. The panel will be comprised of economic development leaders throughout the State, representing a cross-section of New Jersey’s major industry sectors.

“New Jersey cannot stand idly by while America’s financial crisis continues to evolve,” Governor Corzine said. “I look forward to collaborating with these talented industry leaders to craft policies that will help see New Jersey through this current economic crisis and move the State toward a path of recovery.”

The advisory panel will support the initiatives outlined in Governor Corzine’s Economic Assistance and Recovery Plan, which was announced in October. Board members will meet regularly and work closely with the Governor’s Office of Economic Growth as well as other State Departments to encourage economic development and revitalization across the state, enhance New Jersey’s appeal to investors and businesses, and serve as good will “ambassadors” for the State to recruit businesses to locate and expand in New Jersey.

“New Jersey’s businesses play an integral role in the continued economic prosperity of our state,” said Jerry Zaro, Chief of the Governor’s Office of Economic Growth. “The Real Estate Advisory Board will bring together some of the best and brightest in the state’s development community to work to create jobs, revenues and economic stability during this national recession.”

The new Board, which will serve as an informal advisory commission to the Governor, will be chaired by Joseph Taylor, CEO of Matrix Development Group. The remaining membership will represent the following sectors: Academic, Banking/Lending, Commercial, Construction Management, Housing, Industrial, Law, Office, Trade Organization, Retail, Risk Management, Broker/Dealers and Investors.

New Jersey Real Estate Advisory Board Members

  • Joseph Taylor (Chair)
  • Holly Bakke
  • Mitchell Berkey
  • Joseph Bonner
  • Carl Goldberg
  • Jarrod Grasso
  • William F. Harrison
  • Mitchell Hersh
  • Karen Hudgins
  • Michael Kasparian
  • Richard LeFrak
  • David Listokin
  • Joseph Marino
  • Gil Medina
  • William O’Dea
  • Joe Plumeri
  • Steve Pozycki
  • Joseph Riggs
  • John Saraceno
  • Ralph Salerno
  • Leo Schoffer
  • Seena Stein
  • Emmanuel Stern
  • Paul Teti
  • Tim Touhey
  • Gretchen Wilcox
  • Zgyi Wilf
  • Eric Witmondt
  • Ted Zangari