Congratulations to State Smart Growth Ombudsman Patrick Gillespie for his work involving the launch of “Smart Growth New Jersey,” a new State website. Ted Zangari, Chair of the Redevelopment, Public Incentives and Government Relations Practice Group at the law firm of Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross in Newark, adds “Redevelopment professionals welcome the State’s effort to better educate the public on smart growth principles. If New Jersey is to house the one million additional residents experts anticipate over the next decade — without paving over the rest of rural New Jersey or driving up housing prices even further by limiting supply — then it is imperative that developers be given every incentive to locate projects in or near the State’s existing downtowns, brownfield sites and transit hubs. That’s the essence of ‘smart growth’ — keeping New Jersey’s residents close to where they work, shop, learn and recreate.”